Discover Affordable and Effective Fertility Treatment in Chicago

151145456-xs.jpgThe financial stress of fertility treatment is one of the primary reasons many people procrastinate in seeking medical help to conceive a baby. Although the costs of fertility treatment may seem daunting, Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs has made affordability a priority to ease the financial stress on his patients.

Affordable Fertility Treatment

Reducing patient financial stressors will increase the chances of pregnancy when you are undergoing any method of fertility treatment. The cost-efficiency practices at Fertility Centers of Illinois have been proven to reduce cost of treatment for patients.

  • All fertility treatment plans are customized according to the needs of each patient
  • The cost of fertility treatment varies according to the patient’s medical needs
  • A fertility treatment plan is designed around the patient’s budget
  • All costs of fertility treatment are thoroughly explained to the patient

The cost of effective fertility treatment is based upon:

  • Fertility treatment protocol
  • Medication regimen cost
  • Ancillary procedures cost
  • Patient’s insurance coverage

Effective Fertility Treatment

Every patient works in tandem with Dr. Jacobs and his team to select the fertility treatment protocol best suited to increase their chances of a pregnancy. The treatment plan selection is based upon the patient’s diagnosis of infertility and their financial means. An estimate of unforeseen expenses must be discussed with every patient.

Medication Discount Programs

Fertility Centers of Illinois offers a number of medication discount programs for both self-pay and insured patients. Payment Programs and Discounts are available to all qualifying patients.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for fertility treatment varies significantly from patient to patient, depending upon the specific terms of their individual insurance policy. Illinois is one of the few states mandating insurance company for infertility treatment. Fertility Centers of Illinois is staffed with expert insurance counselors who are dedicated to helping you maximize your insurance coverage for fertility treatment. In the absence of coverage, these experts can guide you toward other financing options.

Financing Options Available

Fertility Centers of Illinois is proud to be able to offer patients a variety of payment and financing options to lessen the burden of financial stress while undergoing fertility treatment.

  • Self-Pay Discount – Up to 5 percent
  • Attain™ IVF Program
  • CapexMD

Chicago’s Affordable and Effective Fertility Treatment

Decade after decade, Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs has opened the door to parenthood for 1000s of couples wanting to have a baby and build their families. Let the Doctor help you to achieve your dream of having a baby, while at the same time doing everything he can to reduce your financial stress. Click the icon below to schedule your consultation with Dr. Laurence Jacobs – or – call 888.325.7389.

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