How the Attain™ Program Manages the Cost of Your IVF Treatment

Pregnant Woman in Summer (2)If your fertility doctor has determined that IVF is the best treatment option for you to overcome fertility challenges, the Attain™ IVF Program will help you manage your out-of-pocket costs. The Attain™ offers a financing package for multiple IVF cycles at a single, discounted fee that is approximately 30 to 40 percent less than a pay-as-you-go or cycle-by-cycle basis.

Multi-Cycle IVF Finance

Multi-Cycle IVF Financing reduces your financial stress while you are undergoing IVF treatment. Dr. Laurence Jacobos wants his patients to focus on completing a successful IVF cycle.

  • Greater peace of mind
  • A financial solution for IVF costs
  • 80 percent of Attain™ enrollees bring home baby
  • Flexible payment options
  • Financing through Health Credit Services
  • Military and low-income patient financing options through Attain™ IVF Assist

Finance Your IVF Treatment

The Attain™ IVF Program offers a special financing program for IVF patients. The Attain™ IVF Program takes the financial risk out of making multiple attempts at IVF. The Attain™ IVF Program offers a low risk option of paying for multiple IVF attempts, while at the same time preserving your financial resources for other fertility options such as egg donation and gestational surrogacy should IVF repeatedly fail.

Two-Cycle Program

This plan includes:

  • Two fresh egg retrieval cycles
  • Two frozen embryo transfers (FET) until a baby is brought home.
  • IVF treatment is continued for up to two fresh and frozen cycles until a baby is brought home
  • This program is available for women over 37

Three-Cycle Refund Program

For patients who medically qualify, this refund plan includes:

  • Fixed fee for women 37 and under (approximately the cost of 2 fresh IVF cycles)
  • 3 fresh egg retrieval cycles
  • 3 frozen embryo transfers of all quality embryos until a baby is brought home
  • Refund of up to 70 percent if a baby is not brought home
  • Patients who are using donor eggs and/or sperm are welcome
  • Up to 100 percent refund may be available for couples using donor eggs who medically qualify

The Attain™ IVF Program

Taking the financial risk out of failed IVF cycles, Dr. Jacobs offers a way for qualifying patients to pay upfront for multiple attempts at a packaged cost.

  • The Attain™ IVF Refund Program
  • The Attain™ IVF Multi-Cycle Plan

Affordable IVF Treatment

Dr. Laurence Jacobs wants to help you to achieve your dream of having a baby through state-of-the-art IVF treatment, while at the same time doing everything he can to reduce your financial stress.  Click the icon below to schedule your consultation with Dr. Laurence Jacobs – or – call 888.325.7389.

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