Compassionate Fertility Doctor Serving the LGBTQ Community

LGBTQAs an awarded compassionate fertility doctor, The Infertility Doctor strives to maintain his mission of promoting his professional philosophy: There is no place for discrimination in the practice of fertility. Only a compassionate fertility doctor with proven success rates for over 38 years can have attained success serving the LGBTQ community. Dr. Jacobs takes pride in serving LGBTQ couples wanting to start a family.

Compassionate LGBTQ Fertility Doctor

As the Senior Doctor of Fertility Centers of Illinois, the Doctor has privileges at 10 fertility clinic locations and 2 IVF centers located in the Chicagoland area. After you consult with Dr. Jacobs in either of his beautiful office locations – Hoffman Estates or Buffalo Grove – you can choose from all convenient locations to pursue your customized treatment plan.

The Illinois Civil Union Act of 2011

The Illinois Civil Union Act of 2011 established civil unions between same sex couples. Civil union provides these couples with equal legal obligations, protections, and parental benefits granted as are afforded to married opposite sex couples in the state.

Illinois Insurance Mandate

Illinois has a mandate requiring all insurers to cover the costs of treating infertility. Those employer insurance plans covering 25 or more people and providing pregnancy and birth related benefits must cover the costs of diagnosing and treating infertility. As part of this mandate, lesbian couples no longer have to prove that they have had unprotected intercourse with a man for a year with no pregnancy success in order to receive coverage.

The Most Advanced LGBTQ Family Building Options

LGBTQ family building options result much higher pregnancy success rates than do same sex couples because a medical condition is typically not present to hinder fertility. Same sex couples are realizing their dream of having a family through a variety of ART procedures. A personalized treatment plan typically allows at least one of the partners in a same sex relationship to be biologically related to their child.

Compassionate LGBTQ Fertility Doctor

As an awarded compassionate fertility doctor serving the LGBTQ community, Dr. Laurence Jacobs invites you to discover the best treatment option for building your family. Click the icon below to schedule your consultation with Dr. Laurence Jacobs – or – call 888.325.7389.

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