How to Continue Living Your Life During IVF Treatment

Couple in Bed (2)There are many lifestyle adjustments to make before – during – after IVF treatment, but you don’t need to stop living your life. The Infertility Doctor recommends a simple guide to diet, exercise, sex, and more as you are preparing for your upcoming IVF cycle and pregnancy. Power through IVF treatment like the winner you are!

A Successful IVF Treatment Cycle

Don’t be overwhelmed by your path to pregnancy through IVF – injections, medication regimen instruction, monitoring appointments. If you empower yourself by living on a very straight path, you will have the best IVF cycle and – therefore – a good chance of pregnancy success.

Sex & IVF

It is completely safe to have sex during your IVF cycle – although it may be uncomfortable because of ovarian stimulation. The growth of multiple egg follicles can make sex painful. Listen to your body and don’t force unenjoyable relations.

CAUTION: Do not have sex after your embryo transfer to avoid a possible natural pregnancy from occurring. Refrain from sex until you receive the results of your pregnancy test.

Exercise & IVF

Whether or not you’re trying to get pregnant, regular exercise is good for the body. Your mental health is also strengthened with exercise of the body.

  • Walking
  • Elliptical
  • Lightweight exercise
  • Yoga

CAUTION: Avoid Cross-Fit and High-Intensity Training. During IVF stimulation, these workouts increase your risk of twisting enlarged ovaries and causing pain.

Diet & IVF

The key to a healthy diet and IVF pregnancy success is moderation. You don’t have to stop your regular routine of drinking tea and coffee. You can still indulge in desserts. You may want to divide up a large cup of coffee in the morning into two small cups and save one for the mid-afternoon. Most teas are safe to drink as well.

CAUTION: Stay away from random herbal teas that may be harmful. Talk to your fertility care team for safe herbal tea selections.

Don’t deprive yourself from a slice of pizza now and then. Also, pair your favorite cookie craving with fresh fruit for dessert.

Alcohol & IVF

Dr. Jacobs frowns on any alcohol consumption during IVF treatment. Especially after your embryo transfer and before your pregnancy test. This is because you could be pregnant.

Bottom Line

If you live your lifestyle safely and in moderation, your IVF cycle should not uproot your daily routine. The Infertility Doctor and his fertility support team are ready to make your day-to-day routine manageable.

A Safe & Moderate Lifestyle During IVF is Optimum

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