What is the Cost of Gender Selection?

Mother Baby Sibling-1Gender selection is achieved through IVF. This is the process of inducing a woman’s body into producing multiple eggs using a fertility medication regimen recommended by Dr. Laurence Jacobs based on your medical needs. Then, your eggs are retrieved and go to the embryology laboratory for fertilization in vitro with your partner’s sperm – or donated sperm. The resulting embryos are carefully monitored in the lab by our embryologists as they develop.

Cost of Gender Selection

The cost of PGS screening for gender selection is in addition to the fee for your IVF procedure and fertility medication. You must be informed about the varying factors involved in determining the total cost of gender selection before making a decision. There could be several fertility factors determining your chances of achieving a successful pregnancy and healthy birth of a baby of your gender preference. You must consult with a fertility specialist having extensive clinical experience in gender selection through IVF. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to become well-informed about your total cost in successfully choosing the sex of your baby. Once Dr. Jacobs has the information he needs to recommend the best IVF protocol for your personal needs, then the total cost of gender selection through PGS can be more accurately predicted.

Initial Physician Consultation = $432

The cost of your initial physician consultation may be billed to your insurance provider as procreative management counseling.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Jacobs about gender selection, he will explain in full detail:

  • The IVF process
  • The PGS process
  • Risks of IVF and PGS
  • Benefits of IVF and PGS
  • Prerequisites for beginning treatment

IVF Package = $11,500

Fee includes:

  • Cycle management
  • Blood testing
  • Ultrasounds
  • Surgical egg retrieval
  • Anesthesia
  • ICSI (placing the best sperm into an egg)
  • Embryo transfer
  • Post-op consultation

Fertility medication costs are not included in our IVF package. Medication costs usually range between $2,000 and $6,000 – based on your age, medical needs, dosage recommendation, and duration of the IVF cycle. Women over 40 will incur over $6,000 in medication costs due to their needing higher doses.

PGS Procedure = $6,000 and up

Should more than 8 embryos need to be screened, the base cost for PGS will increase.

Checking With Your Provider About Insurance Coverage

PGS costs for gender selection are not typically covered by insurance. You should review your insurance policy and speak with your health insurance carrier to determine your exact coverage for IVF and PGS prior to beginning treatment.

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