Watch Dr. Jacobs’ Webinar Covering Female Infertility

large-1The Infertility Doctor’s recent webinar covering the top causes of female infertility. Click Here to watch. As an awarded Compassionate Doctor, Dr. Laurence Jacobs has achieved over 38 years of pregnancy success by designing customized IVF protocols based on each patient’s personal and medical needs. Customized IVF care begins with an accurate diagnosis of the root cause of your infertility.

Top 5 Causes of Female Infertility

  1. Female Age and Ovarian Reserve (egg supply)
  2. Ovulation Disorder (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - PCOS)
  3. Ovulation Disorders (Hypothalamic - Pituitary - Thyroid - Adrenal)
  4. Tubal and Pelvic Factors
  5. Lifestyle Factors (Weight - Nutrition - Smoking - Exercise)

Customized IVF Treatment

Understanding why you can’t get pregnant is the only way to effectively treat the problem. Knowing the cause of your infertility will also help you cope better with the realization that you are going to have to take on the financial cost and physical demands of IVF treatment.

A customized approach to IVF will:

  • Reduce patient’s physical stress
  • Reduce patient’s emotional stress
  • Reduce patient’s financial stress
  • Offer the highest chances of pregnancy
  • Produce the best overall patient trust
  • Produce the best overall patient satisfaction

The Infertility Doctor

Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs is the Senior Partner of Fertility Centers of Illinois, an internationally renowned fertility clinic having 10 clinic locations and 2 IVF clinics located throughout Chicagoland. After you consult with Dr. Jacobs at either his Hoffman Estates or Buffalo Grove locations, you can choose from all 10 clinics to pursue your customized IVF treatment plan. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Jacobs by clicking the icon below – or – call 888.325.7389.

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