Why Egg Retrieval and Freezing is Okay in 2020

16 Cell EggIf you have decided to undergo IVF to get pregnant now – or – if you want freeze your quality eggs for future fertility, Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs can calm any coronavirus fears happening in our country today. 2020 is not a time to give up on your future family planning.

Egg Retrieval and Fertility Preservation

Egg retrieval and freezing for future fertilization is an acceptable societal trend for today’s 2020 woman. It is a simple procedure.

  • Using fertility medication, a woman can produce multiple quality eggs in one monthly menstrual cycle
  • When matured, these eggs are harvested surgically in a simple outpatient procedure
  • She can then freeze her quality eggs for planned fertilization and embryo transfer to her uterus in the future

Egg Retrieval and Cryopreservation

This is your plan for preserving the ability to have a biologically-related child or children in the future. It’s the amazing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that keeps innovating fertility preservation. You need not be overwhelmed about surgical egg retrieval and cryopreservation to preserve your future fertility.

Top Egg Freezing Doctor

The egg retrieval and freezing process is simple. It doesn’t have to include the fertilization of a woman’s eggs with sperm. Not until you are ready.

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