How to Enhance Your Fertility: Quality Sleep and Vitamin D

Woman Sleeping-1There are simple lifestyle changes you can make to help increase your fertility naturally, or while you are undergoing infertility testing and treatment. Two very important lifestyle choices you can make:

  • An adequate level of Vitamin D, and
  • A sufficient amount of quality sleep

Adequate Vitamin D Intake

An adequate Vitamin D level is important for IVF pregnancy success. A recent study found that a serum Vitamin D level of 20 ng/mL or more was associated with a chance of obtaining three or more high quality embryos through IVF. Vitamin D level was also correlated with successful embryo implantation and a clinical pregnancy.

Sun exposure is your best source for vitamin D. UVB wavelength rays from sunlight produce vitamin D when they hit your exposed skin.

A prenatal recommended dosage of vitamin D for women is 4000 IUs daily. Most supplements only contain 400 IUs per dose. A dosage of 4000 IUs of vitamin D daily has the greatest benefits in preventing preterm labor and birth defects.

Sufficient Amount of Quality Sleep

Sleep deprivation adversely affects your BMI, your mood, and your stress level. Your Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) level is directly affected by lack of sleep. Your FSH level should ideally be at its highest level just before you ovulate.

When a woman’s body is deprived of rest, she can experience weight gain, mood disorders, and increased stress levels. To enhance a woman’s fertility level, she must establish a healthy sleep pattern and get her circadian rhythm – and hormonal levels – in sync.

Quality sleep will help a woman increase her fertility level. Women in their prime childbearing years (25 to 35) should sleep 7 to 9 hours of quality every if they are trying to get pregnant. The National Sleep Foundation has found through studies that sleep has a powerful influence on a woman’s reproductive hormonal system.

More Helpful Fertility Enhancing Resources

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