How ERA® Testing Increases IVF Pregnancy Success

Pregnant Woman (7)Cutting-edge technology allows Dr. Laurence Jacobs to detect his patient’s receptive window of embryo implantation and increase IVF pregnancy success rates. Endometrial Receptivity Assessment ERA® testing determines – with precision – the prime time for embryo transfer.

Prime Time for Pregnancy Success

When a quality embryo transfer is poorly timed, implantation failure may occur despite the patient’s normal uterus shape and an endometrial thickness of 6 mm or more. This is the optimal time for transfer of embryo(s) during a fresh IVF cycle – or – a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET).

Candidates for ERA®

Because he has experienced amazing results using this innovative diagnostic testing tool, Dr. Jacobs typically recommends ERA testing to couples who only have a few frozen embryos, even if they haven’t failed a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). For couples who have had Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) performed on their embryos, the Doctor often offers ERA testing before doing a frozen transfer.

The ERA® Procedure

The ERA® is an advanced, personalized, genetic diagnostic tool that evaluates a woman’s endometrial receptivity for the implantation of a quality embryo from a molecular point of view. This is the status in which the endometrial is ready for embryo implantation.

  1. A biopsy of a woman’s endometrial lining is performed at LH surge + 7 days during her natural cycle
  2. The biopsy is sent to IVIGEN Lab for analysis of the expression of 238 genes involved in endometrial receptivity
  3. An ERA analysis result is a computational predictor that determines whether the patient’s endometrium is:
  • Receptive to embryo implantation
  • Non-Receptive to embryo implantation

Receptive to Embryo Implantation

If the patient’s endometrial lining is classified as receptive, then her window of implantation is defined as the day on which the biopsy was taken during her cycle. This cycle day is the optimum window period within which the embryo is most capable of implanting.

Non-Receptive to Embryo Implantation

If the patient’s endometrial lining is classified as non-receptive, then her window of implantation is displaced. Further biopsy and analysis must be performed to identify her window of implantation and optimum embryo transfer date.

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