How to Finance a Successful Pregnancy Through IVF

Baby and Mother (4).jpgBecause In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an expensive medical procedure, Dr. Laurence Jacobs has made it his professional mission to offer patients without insurance coverage several packages to finance IVF treatment.

IVF Financing Available

Most patients do not have insurance coverage for the high cost of IVF. The prospect of having to pay the cost of IVF causes many couples wanting to have children financial stress. Dr. Laurence Jacobs is proud to be able to offer his patients a variety of payment and financing options to lessen their burden of financial stress while undergoing IVF.

Finance a Successful Pregnancy

The Attain™ IVF Program offers a special financing program for IVF patients. The Attain™ IVF Program takes the financial risk out of making multiple attempts at IVF. The Attain™ IVF Program offers a low risk option of paying for multiple IVF attempts, while at the same time preserving your financial resources for other fertility options such as adoption or gestational surrogacy should IVF repeatedly fail.

The Attain™ IVF Program

Taking the financial risk out of failed IVF cycles, Dr. Jacobs offers a way for qualifying patients to pay upfront for multiple attempts at packaged cost.

  • The Attain™ IVF Refund Program®
  • The Attain™ IVF Multi Cycle Plan®

These programs help to preserve your financial resources for future family planning options – such as adoption or surrogacy – should IVF fail.

Attain™ IVF Refund Program

Patients opting for the Attain™ IVF Refund Program pay a fixed fee for a total of six IVF attempts.

  • 3 cycles with fresh embryo transfers
  • 3 cycles with frozen embryo transfer (FET)

The fee approximates the cost of two IVF cycles. If the couple uses their own eggs, up to 70 percent of the fee is refunded to patients who are not successful in achieving a healthy pregnancy and live birth. If the couple uses donor eggs, 100 percent of the fee is refundable.

Attain™ IVF Multi Cycle Plan®

Opting for the Attain™ IVF Multi Cycle Plan, patients pay a discounted fee approximating less than two IVF cycles up front.

  • 2 fresh IVF cycles
  • 2 frozen embryo cycles (FET)

Although no refund is given should a pregnancy not be achieve, patients are benefited by fixing the cost of treatment and receiving discounted multiple IVF cycles.

Affordable IVF Treatment

Dr. Jacobs wants to help you to achieve your dream of having a baby through state-of-the-art IVF treatment, while at the same time doing everything he can to reduce your financial stress. The Doctor has a new office location in Chicagoland's beautiful Hoffman Estates. Click the icon below to schedule your consultation with Dr. Laurence Jacobs – or – call 888.325.7389.

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