How to Find America’s Top Infertility Doctor Based on Surveys and Reviews

WxIa6DiECsW53nndAffPEQl1rEHZiKyQgAFor over 12 years, The Infertility Doctor has been consistently recognized as one of America's Top Doctors. In 2019, Dr. Laurence Jacobs was once again listed in the top one percent of infertility doctors in America. This is an honor that is bestowed by Castle-Connolly, from ratings by thousands of surveys from doctors and nurses.

Most Compassionate Infertility Doctor Certification

The Infertility Doctor has received a recent award from Patient's Choice and He has been named as a recipient of the Most Compassionate Doctor Certification. This is an honor only bestowed on the top three percent of infertility doctors nationwide and is based on patient reviews and comments.

Best Patient Reviews

Two recent 5 Star reviews posted on on behalf of The Infertility Doctor.

Truly the Best! A self-verified patient of Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs posted on March 8, 2019. Prior to using FCI I met with another doctor. I was SO excited to finally begin this next chapter in my life with my husband but when we left the appointment I was so upset I didn't want to move forward with fertility treatments or the genetic testing we had to do.
A few months later I was referred to Dr. Jacobs and thought I'd give it another try. I knew immediately after my first consultation that I made the right choice to use FCI for my fertility treatment! I've NEVER felt more sure about anything until I went to FCI. Dr. Jacobs is truly an amazing doctor who cares about his patients and takes the time to study their medical history and learn as much as he can about both Husband and Wife. I've never met a more caring, and passionate doctor. Dr. Jacobs was so involved in my entire treatment and I was so closely monitored I never once was nervous that something wasn't going right. The patience, persistence and care he performs is indescribable. Also the front desk ladies; Nora & Emma. I can’t say enough about those two and I miss seeing them weekly already! They always had a positive attitude and greeted me even if my appointments were at 6:30 AM and I was half awake. The Ultrasound Tech's Veda & Nicole were always so happy to see me for my ultrasounds and you can tell they truly loved their job! The team of nurses I had the last 6 months are saints. I’ve never deal with a doctor’s office that responds to emails within an hour or two and literally would call me every day during my stimulation meds to see how I was doing. I know I'm not the only patient at FCI but I sure did feel like it with how well I was treated. Even if I emailed them daily (sometimes multiple times a day) or would call with what I thought was repetitive "silly" questions they patiently explained EVERYTHING to me until I understood or felt comfortable.
I am now 11 weeks pregnant and my only complaint is that I can’t continue my care with Dr. Jacobs and his amazing team!! I cannot wait to come back for a visit this winter and bring in the baby!
Thanks again FCI! Truly a one of a kind team!

Doctor Miracle Worker: He’s the Expert and he really cares – A self-verified patient of Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs posted on February 6, 2019. I came from another practice for a second opinion, and I knew right away I had to switch to Dr. Jacobs. Not only could I immediately tell how knowledgeable he was, but I could tell he was going to be someone that was very involved and would monitor me closely. I could tell he understood some of the emotional pain, financial burden, and just general frustration my husband and I were experiencing. Frankly, I could tell he cared. It mattered to him if we achieved our goal of pregnancy. He didn't make false promises, but gave me the odds of all our options regardless of how dismal they might be. And he would work to find ways to increase those odds for us. Little things we could do, meds we could try....He was always accessible for questions on what is a very confusing and complicated process. After switching, it took us a little under 7 months to get pregnant, but only because of our insurance - and he went to bat for us with them as well, telling them that their 6 IUIs they were going to try to force me to do were not going to work. We had to file several appeals that we would not have won (4 months in) if it wasn't for his determination to fight them with carefully worded medically sound letters. Moreover, his staff is THE BEST. His staff will help you rush order meds, explain how to mix meds for the 18th time, fight with insurance WHATEVER YOU NEED. At the end of the day, we got pregnant on our very first transfer with Dr. Jacobs. It just took us 7 months to be able to do that first transfer due to Aetna being ridiculous. And due to issues specific to me, I needed a stimulated FET cycle to be able to have a successful transfer, which Aetna denied. Dr. Jacobs and his staff helped me do that cycle unfunded, without going totally broke- finding ways to save on the meds and use substitutes - and it worked. I am now 11 weeks and soooo happy. I could not have been in better hands. Cannot recommend him enough.

Best Fertility Doctor Reviews and Qualifications

Having earned some of the best patient reviews consistently – Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs has successfully spearheaded Fertility Centers of Illinois as Senior Doctor for over three decades. FCI is an internationally renowned fertility center having 10 offices and 2 IVF clinics located throughout the Chicagoland area.

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