Find Customized IVF Treatment

92883559-xs.jpgCustomized IVF treatment is an evidence-based plan designed according to the individual medical and financial needs of the patient. You can find customized IVF treatment in Crystal Lake IL from Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs – Senior Doctor of Fertility Centers of Illinois.

Customized IVF Treatment

Dr. Jacobs provides every patient with a full understanding of:

  • The recommended IVF protocol – All IVF treatment plans are customized according to the needs of each patient.
  • The cost of IVF protocol – The cost of customized IVF treatment varies according to the patient’s medical needs.
  • The estimated cost of fertility medications – A customized IVF treatment plan is designed around the patient’s budget.
  • The cost of anticipated IVF ancillary procedures – All costs of customized IVF treatment are thoroughly explained to the patient.

A customized approach to IVF is cost-effective and will:

  • Reduce patient’s physical stress
  • Reduce patient’s emotional stress
  • Reduce patient’s financial stress
  • Offer the highest chances of pregnancy
  • Produce the best overall patient trust
  • Produce the best overall patient satisfaction

Customized IVF Treatment Protocol

Dr. Jacobs and his fertility team work in concert to select the IVF protocol best suited to increase the patient’s chances of a pregnancy. The customized IVF treatment protocol is based upon the patient’s specific diagnosis of infertility.

A customized IVF cycle involves:

  • Preparation Cycle
  • Ovarian Stimulation
  • Egg Retrieval Surgery
  • Recommended Ancillary Procedures (ICSI, PGD/PGS, and Assisted Hatching)
  • Embryo Culture Monitoring In Vitro
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Embryo Cryopreservation (elective)

Customized IVF Treatment Financing

The Doctor is proud to be able to offer patients a variety of payment and financing options to lessen every patient’s financial stress while undergoing IVF treatment.

  • Self-Pay Discount – Up to 5 percent
  • Attain™ IVF Program – Discounted rate for up to 2 fresh IVF cycles and 2 Frozen Embryo Transfers (FETs)
  • CapexMD

Customized IVF Treatment in Crystal Lake IL

For convenient and customized IVF treatment, Fertility Centers of Illinois boasts 10 clinic locations and 2 IVF centers located throughout Chicagoland. After you consult with Dr. Laurence Jacobs, you can choose from all locations to pursue your customized IVF treatment plan. Please click the icon below to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs – or – call 888.325.7389.

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