How To Find Financing For IVF in Chicago

Girloncouch.jpgIVF treatment often means out-of-pocket costs. Financial stressors lessen the chances of IVF pregnancy success. Dont' despair, Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs has solutions.

Medical Insurance in Illinois

Finding financing for IVF can help to alleviate financial worries. Dr. Jacobs offers a number of financing options for IVF treatment to his patients.

Illinois is one of 14 states mandating insurance coverage for fertility treatment. Group insurance policies covering 25 or more employees offering pregnancy benefits must also provide payment for fertility treatment. Unfortunately, the law is not fully enforced and a number of insurance carriers have been excluded from these requirements. For individuals falling into this loophole, financing for IVF is key to affordable out-of-pocket payment for IVF treatment.

Financing for IVF

Dr. Jacobs’ office works directly with CapexMD, an industry leader in fertility financing. They offer an easy and convenient loan program with rates better than traditional lenders. The team at CapexMD understands the unique needs of those who are undergoing IVF treatment. They provide the personal attention patients struggling with infertility deserve. Their easy application can be preapproved within 24 hours. Additionally there are no annual fees, flexible payment plans, and no prepayment penalties associated with any of their financing options.

Attain IVF Plan

The Attain IVF plan removes much of the financial risk of trying to conceive through the use of IVF. Their refund program allows couples to pay a fixed amount for up to six IVF cycles. If the couple does not have a baby to take home after the completion of the cycle, they receive a refund of 70 percent of the program costs. This helps to remove the concern that a couple will be financially strapped after IVF treatment, even if they do not have a baby .

Self-Pay Discount

Patients will pay out-of-pocket for IVF treatment for a variety of reasons. For those who pay at the time of service, Dr. Jacobs offers a discount of five percent. Additionally, Dr. Jacobs offers packaged IVF plans decreasing the overall cost of IVF treatment for those couples and individuals who self-pay.

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