How Gender Selection Helps Family Balancing

Ethnic Couple (4).jpgDemand for gender selection is growing among parents undergoing IVF. Good News! Our innovative IVF and gender selection technology has achieved more than 99% accuracy. Gender selection is an inevitable by-product of genetic testing. Because the sex of each embryo is identifiable before transfer or cryopreservation, couples can now balance their families.

Gender Selection is Trending

Many women undergoing IVF are choosing the sex of their baby through genetic testing technology. Celebrities and public figures, like Chrissy Teigen recently interviewed by Vogue, are increasingly opening up the discussion surrounding gender selection. No longer is gender selection frowned upon as a social engineering tool used to make designer babies. Gender selection is a socially accepted fertility procedure used to choose the sex of a baby for family balancing purposes.

Gender Selection Technology

PGS and NGS technology work by identifying the gender of embryos while they culture during the IVF process. PGS/NGS is the testing of an embryo’s overall chromosomal normalcy prior to being transferred to the patient’s uterus. PGS/NGS helps to increase IVF pregnancy success rates up to 30 percent!

Gender Chromosomal Make Up of an Embryo

The gender of an embryo is determined by the chromosomes carried in the sperm.

  • A man’s sperm can carry either the X or Y chromosome
  • A woman’s egg only contributes the X chromosome to the fertilized embryo
  • An embryo with XY makeup is male
  • An embryo with XX makeup is female

PGS/NGS Gender Selection Process

The PGS/NGS gender selection process takes place in conjunction with IVF in a controlled laboratory setting. During the blastocyst stage – 5 days of culturing after fertilization of the patient’s eggs in vitro – 5 to 10 cells are removed from each embryo.

  • Cells are carefully removed from the embryo by a highly skilled embryologist using a laser and a microscopic glass needle
  • These cells’ genetic makeup are analyzed by the embryologist under a microscope
  • A decision is made as to the quality and gender of each of the individual embryos
  • Only high quality embryos of the gender of choice are transferred in completion of a fresh IVF cycle
  • Only high quality embryos are cryopreserved for future FET procedures
  • Damage to embryos is extremely rare, compared to the greater risk of having an unhealthy baby

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