How Hair AMH Levels Accurately Predict IVF Success

Woman HairHormone levels in a woman’s hair may more accurately predict her IVF treatment success than a blood sample. A recent study has peeked into the future fertility of women. The study found that a woman’s response to IVF medications can be predicted using the AMH levels found in her hair. In the future, women may be able to send off a hair sample for AMH testing – instead of giving a blood sample.

AMH Fertility Predictions

Many women want to know how many eggs they have remaining – a prediction of their future ovarian reserve – for future family planning. A woman’s ovarian reserve is predicted by her present hormone levels.

The chemical signaling a woman’s fertility is known as anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH). AMH is contained in the shafts of a woman’s hair while still underneath the skin. Testing hair may give a better indication of a woman’s fertility than current blood tests.

A woman’s ovarian reserve declines as she naturally ages. AMH is released by eggs in the ovaries. Blood AMH levels detects how many eggs a woman has remaining. AMH levels determine how long it will be before a woman stops being fertile.

IVF Success Predictive Tool

Ovarian stimulation using fertility medication to produce multiple egg follicles. For women undergoing IVF, AMH hair testing predicts if they are likely to favorably or poorly respond to fertility medications stimulating egg production. AMH levels found in hair tracked age better than blood tests – suggesting higher accuracy.

According to the recent study, hair is a better medium than blood to accumulate biomarkers on fertility medications over a longer time period. This conclusion was reached because AMH levels in blood fluctuate more rapidly in response to fertility medication stimuli.

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