IVF Treatment Financing in Chicago, IL

Your fertility team will prepare a IVF treatment plan for you based upon your diagnosis. Now, you must arrange financing for the projected costs of IVF. Do not despair. Numerous payment options for IVF are available at Fertility Centers of Illinois.

IVF Treatment Financing and Payment Options

151145456-xs.jpgDiscover your  IVF treatment financing and payment options from the experts at Fertility Centers of Illinois.

Medical Insurance

Many insurance plans provide some level of coverage for fertility care. This is particularly true in Illinois, one of the few states mandating insurance coverage for IVF. Unfortunately, there are many provisions allowing employers to side-step this mandate. For individuals without insurance coverage, there are many other avenues to finance IVF treatment.

Discounted Packages

Many fertility centers offer discounted packages for individuals who have to pay out of pocket for IVF treatment. Some clinics offer IVF cycles at a flat rate. Other fertility centers will provide a percentaged discount for individuals paying out of pocket. Be sure to speak with your fertility center about all of the payment options available to you.

Prepaid Packages

It is not uncommon for a couple to need more than one IVF cycle before getting pregnant. For these couples, it can be easy to become concerned about the overall out of pocket cost should treatment be unsuccessful. Prepaid packages can help to address this concern. A couple prepays for multiple cycles before beginning treatment. Then, after four IVF cycles, if the couple has not taken home a baby, they are refunded for a substantial portion of their costs.

Financing Options

Special financing package are available from lenders who specifically handle loans for individuals who are paying for medical treatments. The rates received from IVF treatment financing is often more favorable than obtaining a personal loan from a bank or using credit cards.

IVF Treatment Financing in Chicago

For additional information on IVF treatment financing, contact the experts at Fertility Centers of Illinois. Their mission is to help couples achieve their dream of having a baby.

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