What is Modern LGBT Family Planning in 2021?

Gay Couple TwinsTwo Men – or – Two Women? You want to start the process of building a family of your own. You must become well-informed about your options for choosing the most successful and financially feasible LGBT fertility treatment plan.

LGBT Family Planning Options

Weigh and assess the ultimate success of your LGBT family planning options.

Female Couples

IUI or IVF in conjunction with:

  • Sperm donor
  • Potential 3rd party egg donor
  • Embryo donor

Two important decisions:

  • Decide which partner undergoes treatment first
  • Decide on a known or unknown sperm donor


IUI is an optimal treatment plan when both female partners want the experience of carrying a baby. The most cost-effective option is for female couples to select the same male donor and conceive a child using their own eggs. This is the parenting option requiring the least amount of medical assistance.


IVF is a viable treatment option when one of the female partners is not able to carry a baby – or – would prefer not to while forming a biological connection with the child.

Reciprocal IVF

Also known as co-maternity, this is an increasingly popular modern family planning option for female partners. One of the female partner provide the eggs – and – the other partner carries the pregnancy.

The reciprocal IVF option benefits female couples by allowing both women to be an integral physical part of conception, pregnancy, and delivery. This option facilitates the emotional involvement and connection to the live birth of the child.

Gay Male Couples

IVF in conjunction with surrogacy:

  • Egg donor
  • Embryo donor
  • Surrogate

Male couples can achieve a biologically connected child through IVF. The prospect of conceiving twins after splitting egg fertilization with both partners’ sperm is a reality. Fertilization can also be split between two separate egg donors. By choosing a high quality and healthy egg donor, male couples can achieve conception, pregnancy, and a live birth from each intended father.

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