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155487.jpgFertility testing is the first step in understanding what is causing your difficulty conceiving. Infertility can simply be defined as not being able to conceive after having regular, unprotected sexual intercourse for one year. For women over age 35, they should seek help from a fertility specialist after 6 months. Fertility testing allows your medical team to understand the cause of your infertility and create a treatment plan addressing your condition. In order to have the best chance for pregnancy success, it is important to select a fertility center offering highly accurate fertility testing.

Fertility Testing

There are multiple fertility tests utilized to uncover the root cause of infertility.

  • Ovarian Reserve
  • Ovulation Disorder
  • Uterus Evaluation
  • Fallopian Tube Evaluation
  • Male Factor Analysis
  • Preconception Genetic Screening

Together, the results from all of these tests paint a full picture of the reason a couple cannot get pregnant. Then, the doctor can create an individualized treatment plan.

Blood Work

Blood work is often the first step in diagnosing fertility problems. Blood work provides a wealth of information about a woman’s fertility, specifically her hormone levels. Hormones are a crucial component of the process of ovulation, reading the uterus for implantation impediments, and sustaining pregnancy. Blood work, taken at particular points during a woman’s cycle, allows fertility care specialists to understand if a woman’s levels are within normal levels.


Ultrasounds are one of the best ways for doctors to see a woman’s ovaries and uterus. As the ovaries grow egg follicles, they are evaluated for maturity via ultrasound. Additionally, the thickness of a woman’s uterine lining may also be evaluated via ultrasound.

Semen Analysis

Semen analysis is the best way to evaluate male fertility. From this single test, the best fertility centers are able to determine sperm count, quality, and motility. These factors are determinative of the sperm's ability to reach and penetrate an egg for fertilization.

In order to receive accurate results, it is important to work with a fertility center offering a state-of-the-art laboratory. By using the latest and most advanced technology, Dr. Laurence Jacobs is widely regarded as an expert in the field of testing and diagnosis of infertility.

Most Accurate Fertility Center in the ChicaGoland Area

Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs will accurately diagnose the source of your infertility and design a personalized treatment plan to help you have a baby.

Fertility Centers of Illinois has 10 fertility clinic locations and 2 IVF centers throughout the Chicagoland area. After you consult with the Doctor, you can choose from all 10 office locations for ultrasound scans and blood test monitoring.

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