How to Predict a Woman’s Fertility by Measuring Her Ovarian Reserve

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Ovarian Reserve

Accurate measurement of a woman’s AMH level – Anti-Mullerian Hormone – is crucial to achieving a successful pregnancy through a fresh IVF transfer, as well as for achieving an optimum egg freezing cycle. AMH testing measures a woman’s ovarian reserve.

  • As a woman ages – post-35 – the count of her egg follicle (ovarian) reserve decreases
  • Obese women have low AMH levels and poor ovarian reserves

Response to Fertility Medications

AMH testing is key to predicting how a woman will respond to fertility medications. Women having low AMH levels do not respond well to fertility medications. These women are classified as poor responders because their bodies to not produce a sufficient number of high quality eggs using fertility medications.

Ovarian Reserve Basics

A woman’s ovarian reserve determines the quality and quantity of the eggs she has remaining to produce during her lifetime.

  • Good Ovarian Reserve – High number of eggs and good quality eggs
  • Poor Ovarian Reserve – Low number of eggs having poor quality

A low AMH indicates a problem with both the quantity and quality of a woman’s ovarian reserve – her remaining eggs.

AMH Production

AMH is produced by the cells that support the dormant pool of eggs in a woman’s ovaries. Higher levels of AMH is indicative of a large ovarian reserve and predicts a good chance of conception.

  • AMH levels are determined through blood testing
  • AMH levels do not vary significantly through a woman’s menstrual cycle
  • AMH levels can be tested on any given day of a woman’s menstrual cycle
  • AMH testing provides insight into the estimated number of eggs that can be retrieved
  • AMH testing determines how much fertility medication will be required for ovarian stimulation during a given fresh IVF cycle, as well as a frozen egg cycle
  • Measuring the AMH hormone level is routine in a woman’s initial fertility evaluation.

AMH Fertility Level Expertise

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