Tips & Tasks to Prepare for Your Telemedicine Fertility Consultation

Woman at ComputerYour upcoming telemedicine fertility consultation via Zoom with Dr. Laurence Jacobs will be stress-relieving and worthwhile experience – especially during COVID-19 social distancing. Be Assured: Your consultation will be normal.

Tips & Task for Your Fertility Telemedicine

To get the most out of your upcoming telemedicine fertility consultation with Dr. Laurence Jacobs via Zoom, you must do some preparedness. The Infertility Doctor has compiled some important tips and tasks for you to consider in preparing for your scheduled initial or second opinion consultation.

Use a Solid Internet Connection

Always rely on a high Internet connection to facilitate your telemedicine consultation. Virtual visits are enhanced when you and Dr. Jacobs can clearly see and hear each other.

Have a Copy of Your Medical Records On-Hand

You have already sent your medical records to Make sure you have a hard copy of these in front of you for reference during the teleconference. 

Optimize Your Medical Records

Take a few minutes beforehand to jot down a list of your current symptoms that may not be mentioned in your medical records. This will ensure that you don’t forget to mention these current symptoms during your telemedicine consultation.

Updated Medication Information

Dr. Jacobs needs to know the Rx names and doses of all medications you are presently taking. Have all Rx bottles by you during the telemedicine consultation.

Other Important Health Information

Make the most of your telemedicine consultation by making a list of your drug allergies, dates and types of past surgeries, and past hospitalizations.

Ask & Re-ask Questions

Make sure you understand everything that Dr. Jacobs explains to you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – or – even re-ask questions. There is no reason to end the telemedicine consultation confused or having questions.

Stay Engaged and Avoid Distractions

This is the time for you to put your distractions in a safe place. Make arrangements for your children to be cared for out of sight and hearing. Secure your pets in another room. Don’t worry about taking notes. Listen closely.

Telemedicine Fertility Doctor

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