How to Prepare for Your New Patient Telemedicine Fertility Consult

Telemedicine (2)You can expect that your new patient fertility consult via Zoom with Dr. Laurence Jacobs will be meaningful, normal and stress-free during this period of COVID-19 social distancing. All fertility consults via Zoom with Dr. Jacobs are HIPAA compliant. As a new patient you can connect face-to-face in real time with Dr. Jacobs in the comfort of your own comfortable space via smartphone, tablet, or computer. Just follow the simple steps below and begin your journey to pregnancy and parenthood.

Telemedicine Fertility Consult Appointment Form

Use our patient-friendly online appointment form to begin the scheduling of your fertility telemedicine consult. A member of Dr. Jacobs’ fertility care team will make contact with you within one business day to firm up a date and time.

Step 1 – Begin Your Medical Insurance Claim Processing

Many medical insurance plans cover some or all costs of fertility treatment – beginning with your consultation. We may be a fertility provider in-network with your plan. If you’re not sure your health insurance covers fertility services, our staff will help you by contacting your insurance company.

  • Determine fertility benefit coverage
  • Provide you with a copy of your fertility coverage
  • Help to determine what testing and treatments you can pursue when Dr. Jacobs is discussing your best options for pregnancy
  • Help process your claims

No Insurance Coverage for Fertility Treatment?

If you don’t have insurance coverage for fertility treatment, you will be registered as a Self-Pay Patient. Knowing the costs and expenses prior to initiating fertility testing and treatment is important. You must how to plan the financing of your treatment. There are several medical factors to discuss in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, it is hard to give exact costs and expenses prior to consulting with Dr. Jacobs. Once the Doctor knows what testing and treatment protocol is best for your personal needs, costs and expenses can be estimated more accurately. Our financial counselors can help explain online, patient-friendly financing programs to you in more detail after your consult with Dr. Jacobs.

Step 2: Send Your Medical Records

Prior to your new patient fertility telemedicine consult, you must forward your medical records to Dr. Jacobs in digital form, including:

  • Diagnostic test results
  • Previous fertility treatment – protocol and date
  • Pap smear test results
  • Hormone testing results
  • Semen analysis results
  • Email records to:
  • Once received, Dr. Jacobs and his fertility care team will review your medical records

Step 3 – Receive Your Fertility Telemedicine Consult Confirmation

A patient service coordinator assigned to your case will confirm your appointment date and time once Dr. Jacobs has reviewed your records and has determined the best course of action to take post-consult. You will receive an email confirming the date and time of your Telemedicine Consult with Dr. Jacobs. Any other important information that that you need to know before the Zoom Telemedicine Consult will also be included. Please read this email carefully.

  • Let us know if you have any special needs or requests to tailor the Zoom Telemedicine Consult
  • New patient appointments are 45 minutes

Tips & Task for Your Fertility Telemedicine Consult via Zoom

  • Use a solid Internet connection
  • Have a hard copy of your medical records on-hand
  • Jot down any current symptoms you are experiencing beforehand
  • Update your current Rx and over-the-counter medication information
  • Include other important recent health information not included in your medical records
  • Ask & re-ask questions
  • Stay engaged and avoid distractions

Compassionate Telemedicine Fertility Doctor

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