Required Pre-Testing Before Seeing A Fertility Doctor

148301150-s.jpgTesting is a major part of the fertility treatment process. Diagnostic tests are necessary to determine the root cause of a couple's inability to get pregnant . Typically, pre-testing for the cause of infertility will begin with your obstetrician or primary care physician. Knowing what pre-tests are helpful before consulting with a reproductive specialist will prepare you for your journey in overcoming infertility.

your fertility doctor's Pre-Testing requirements

A couple is usually diagnosed as infertile when they have been unable to conceive - or sustain a pregnancy - after having regular, unprotected sexual intercourse for one year. This rule of thumb is shortened to six months when the female is over 35. Before the couple is referred for specialized treatment, the following pre-testing is often performed by their primary care physician or gynecologist.

  • Pap Smear – Pap smears are a crucial part of a woman’s annual gynological exam. This test takes a close look at the cervix and looks for the presence of any abnormal cells. If abnormal cells are found, they must then be addressed. Before a woman is able to start fertility treatment, she must have a current pap smear with a normal results. Any abnormalities must be addressed prior to beginning fertility treatment.
  • STD Tests – Some sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are known to cause issues with fertility. Additionally, it is important to address the STD prior to beginning fertility treatment. Most fertility centers require testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea prior to beginning treatment.
  • Physical Exam – Your fertility health is directly tied to your overall health. Therefore your fertility doctor looks for evidence of your general health and wellbeing before beginning treatment.

Fertility Doctor Requirements

All fertility doctors have different requirements for pre-testing prior to consultation and diagnosic testing. Therefore, it is a good idea to speak with your seleted reproductive specialist about these pre-testing requirement prior to your initial consultation. You should ask about any tests required prior to treatment as well as any documentation you should bring to your initial appointment. If you are on medication for other conditions, please bring a list of what you are taking as part of completing your medical history. This can help to ensure your fertility doctor is fully aware of your needs before prescribing a treatment plan.

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