Shedding Light on the Treatment of Male Infertility – Andrology

Male InfertilityInfertility has a hidden emotional impact on men. For decades, Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs has made the successful treatment of male infertility – andrology – one of his top professional priorities. The Infertility Doctor is an avid advocate of the andrology awareness. No longer should andrology be overlooked in the treatment of a couple’s inability to conceive a baby.

Andrology – Male Infertility Treatment

Low sperm quality, quantity, and motility attributes up to 40 percent of a couple’s failure to conceive naturally. Yet, male-factor infertility remains to be seriously addressed in family fertility discussions and is hidden in the dark. Today, more male-factor fertility counseling is available to men who are experiencing challenges in getting their partner pregnant.

How Sperm Works

The sperm is made up of three parts.

  • The head carries the DNA – the father’s genetic contribution
  • The middle section produces energy that allows the sperm to move
  • The tail wriggles and whips back and forth propelling the sperm forward

Semen — the fluid surrounding the sperm — helps the sperm along, supplying nutrients and forming a buffer for when the sperm enter the vagina.

It takes three months for sperm to mature, as they travel through a series of different locations in the man’s genitals.

  • After being produced in the testes – sperm move to the epididymis
  • The epididymis is a single conduit to the vas deferens, where sperm become mobile and acquire the ability to detect the fluid women release when ovulating
  • Once ejaculated through the urethra during sex, sperm proceed up the female genital tract, interacting with uterine fluids
  • The first sperm cell to arrive at the egg releases enzymes that allow it to penetrate inside the egg cell

Computer Semen Analysis

A computer assisted semen analysis is a simple – yet sophisticated – diagnostic test used to judge a man’s sperm quality and quantity.

  • Sperm Concentration is the number of sperm in the ejaculate
  • Sperm Motility is the percentage of sperm moving and the qualities of movement, such as speed and straightness
  • Sperm Morphology is the percentage of sperm having a normal appearance in size and shape

Low Sperm Count Factors

Heat is the major factor to blame for how much healthy and viable sperm is produced with each man’s ejaculation. The scrotum keeps a man’s testes 2 degrees cooler than the rest of his body. A man’s groin should stay cool throughout the day and night.

Avoid these common heat sources:

  • Hot Tubs
  • Saunas
  • Jacuzzis
  • Carrying cell phone in front pant pocket
  • Placing laptops directly on the lap
  • Very tight – compression – underwear
  • Tight bike shorts

Lifestyle Choices to Avoid

Many common lifestyle choices can also adversely affect the health and viability of sperm.

  • Physical unfitness and a high BMI – being obese
  • Smoking and use of tobacco products
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Poor diet and nutrition
  • Rx medications

Andrology – Male Infertility – Treatment Expertise

At his beautiful Hoffman Estates IL location, Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs offers a vast array of cutting-edge fertility diagnostic testing and treatment protocols to treat male-factor infertility.

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