Smartphone Apps to Help Prepare for IVF Treatment

Woman With Smartphone.jpgIf you are preparing for an upcoming IVF, you need help adjusting your busy lifestyle and work schedule. Life will be very demanding during your upcoming IVF cycle and you must know in advance what to expect.

IVF App Benefits

Timing of fertility medication administration and procedures during IVF is crucial. Know what is going to happen and when. Having an IVF app at your disposal will help you plan your busy lifestyle and work obligations around your IVF schedule.

IVF Apps for Your Smartphone

Don’t ever forget when to take your meds or miss an appointment.

Glow Fertility, Period and Ovulation Tracker App is one of the best IVF companions on the market today. Glow predicts your fertility and assists you in tracking your progress throughout your IVF cycle – especially appointment dates/times and medication dates/times/dosages. Glow also records your mood and side effects caused by fertility medications.

My Fertility Diary is a patient-friendly tool helping to assist women with their daily planning during an IVF cycle. It is advertised as the first mobile application available helping to track a woman’s IVF progress. The app places valuable and helpful information in the palm of your hand. Most importantly, it will help you reduce the stress of your IVF cycle by planning your life day in and day out.

IVF Predict was designed and created using research data from over 144,000 IVF cycles. Through this dedicated research and development, the innovators of IVF Predict discovered a mathematical model allowing couples to obtain the most accurate prediction of their chance of a live birth through IVF. IVF Predict is a simple online and Smartphone-based calculator.

IVF Specialist in the Chicagoland Area

IVF treatment is expensive and complex. You will need all the tools available to help coordinate and monitor your treatment. Discovering a Smartphone app to help you through your IVF journey will help you cope. Dr. Laurence Jacobs hopes that one of these apps will help you track your progress throughout your entire IVF cycle – before, during, and after – especially when you’re waiting on that pregnancy test!

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