Study Finds Baby #2 Odds Using Frozen Embryos Are Upped 81%

Embryo CryopreservationGood News! According to a May 2020 study in the journal Human Reproduction you have good odds for Baby #2 success by using frozen embryos cryopreserved in your first round of In Vitro Fertilization. Many couples who conceived a successful pregnancy via IVF using a fresh embryo will likely need help a second-time to have another baby. Depending on the mother’s age – odds are – she has a 69 to 81 percent chance of conceiving with using a frozen embryo the second-time round. Comparatively much better than a 33 percent chance after a first-time round of IVF using a fresh embryo.

Frozen Embryo Transfer – FET – Cycle

The odds of conceiving using cryopreserved embryos through a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) are much better than using a fresh embryo transfer.

Women 30 and 34 Years

  • First FET cycle – 48 percent chance of conceiving
  • Second FET cycle – 69 to 90 percent chance of conceiving
  • Third FET cycle – 62 to 74 percent chance of conceiving

Women 40 and 44 Years

  • First FET cycle – 29 percent chance of conceiving
  • Second/Third FET cycles- 38 to 55 percent chance of conceiving

Embryo Freezing Technology

The cryopreservation and storage of extra embryos created through IVF is a routine process. Not only does the process of freezing embryos prevent the unwanted destruction of unused embryos, the technology also results in higher pregnancy success rates through future FET cycles.

Vitrification Method of Embryo Cryopreservation

State-of-the-art embryo cryopreservation is performed most successfully using a method known as vitrification. This fast-freeze method eliminates damaging ice crystals from forming between embryo cells.

When frozen embryos that have been vitrified prior to storage are used, the ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval stages of IVF are eliminated. Using frozen embryos also reduces the physical impact on a woman’s body and is less expensive than undergoing multiple fresh IVF cycles.

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