Telemedicine Fertility Counseling During COVID-19 Outbreak

TelemedicineDuring the COVID-19 outbreak, many fertility patients are making the switch from in-person therapy visits to online sessions. Your online therapy experience during this country-wide crisis can actually deepen the therapeutic bonding relationship between you, your fertility therapist, and your fertility doctor.

Making the Most of Telemedicine Fertility Counseling

Online therapy can help you build an amazing and worthwhile fertility support system with some simple, yet effective, preparation tools.

Avoid Technical Distractions

Always rely on a high Internet connection to facilitate your telemedicine consultation and avoid technical difficulties. Online sessions will be most productive when you and your fertility therapist can clearly see and hear each other.

Eliminate Personal and Work Distractions

Pinpoint a safe place. Before scheduling a time for the session, make sure will not be working. An anytime – anywhere approach should be avoided to keep distractions at a minimum. The emotional nature of fertility therapy requires a safe space and time to engage fully with the process.

  • You must put your distractions in a safe place
  • Ask others you are isolating with to retreat to another room or go outside during your online fertility therapy session
  • Make arrangements for your children to be cared for out of sight and hearing
  • Secure your pets in another room or outside

Benefits of Virtual Fertility Counseling

Fertility treatment may continue longer than expected – with many unexpected twists and turns. Your feelings of excitement can rollercoast to those of disappointment.

Having a virtual visit with an experienced fertility therapist can strengthen the mental health of you and your partner during treatment.

  • Coping with the stress and emotional strain of infertility
  • Improving communication with your spouse, family, and friends
  • Strengthening and nurturing your emotional health
  • Assisting with problem solving and decision making

The COVID-19 outbreak has made this a difficult time to be steadfast and strong during your fertility treatment. Taking care of your physical and mental health during self-isolation is going to be a challenge. Also, the coronavirus – COVID-19 – outbreak has probably caused a frustrating delay in your treatment progress.

Telemedicine Fertility Doctor

Online fertility therapy can be a powerful tool for your mental health during fertility treatment – especially during this isolating, stressful time. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Discover a powerful avenue to vocalize your needs and expectations during fertility treatment.

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