The Attain™ IVF Refund Program Can Help You Get Pregnant

Hand on Calculator-1If you need to finance costly IVF treatment to get pregnant, Laurence A. Jacobs offers the Attain™ IVF Refund Program. This remarkable financing program shares the cost risk of IVF between doctor and patient.

Attain™ IVF Refund Program

Facing the struggle of infertility is physically demanding and emotionally stressful for most patients. IVF is a very expensive medical procedure, causing many couples financial stress. Dr. Laurence Jacobs has made it his professional mission to offer patients without insurance coverage an alternative option for financing IVF treatment.

  • If a couple does not succeed in taking home a baby, 70 percent of the fixed fee will be refunded
  • Those couples undergoing IVF Using Donor Eggs will receive a 100 percent refund of the fixed fee if not successful in achieving a pregnancy

Taking the financial risk out of failed IVF cycles, Dr. Jacobs offers a way for qualifying patients to pay upfront for multiple attempts at a packaged cost. These programs help to preserve your financial resources for future family planning options – such as adoption or surrogacy – should IVF fail.

Patients opting for the Attain™ IVF Refund Program pay a fixed fee for a total of six IVF attempts.

  • 3 cycles with fresh embryo transfers
  • 3 cycles with frozen embryo transfer (FET)

The fee approximates the cost of two IVF cycles.

The Infertility Doctor

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