Six FAQs about the Fertility Awareness Check-Up

Fertility Centers of Illinois Is still offering the  Fertility Awareness Check-Up!

This is an INEXPENSIVE opportunity for individuals or couples to obtain an overview of their fertility potential.

The Fertility Awareness Check-Up provides basic fertility testing for individuals or couples for just $90. This will help individuals or couples in their quest to plan a family by providing an inexpensive initial overview of reproductive potential. The Fertility Awareness Check-Up will help alleviate stress and save valuable time and financial resources in your journey to become a parent.

Here are six Fertility Awareness Check-Up FAQs …

  1. Why should I be tested? Remember: 40 percent of infertility involves men, 40 percent involves women, and the other 20 percent is a combination of the two. The Fertility Awareness Check-Up offers a semen analysis for men, two blood tests and a specific ultrasound (Antral Follicle Count) for women. These test give you basic information about your potential for getting pregnant. 
  2. How much does this cost? The Fertility Awareness Check Up program is offered at a special cash price of $90, paid at the first test. The $90 fee does not include a new patient consult. If you schedule a new patient consult after your Fertility Awareness Check you will receive a $90 credit towards further treatment. This is a special cash price and insurance will not be billed for this service.      
  3. How do I arrange an appointment?  Call the FCI call center at (877) 324-4483 to schedule your appointment. Please refer to Dr. Laurence Jacobs in the call, so that I can review the results!
  4. What does the woman have to do? Two blood tests provide good information about your basic fertility status. The "Day 3" FSH measures ovarian function and correlates to fertility potential. FSH levels increase as your supply of eggs decrease. Your Estradiol level helps validate the FSH level. The best time to have these tests performed is between day 2 and 4 of the menstrual cycle. An ultrasound will be performed on the same day of your FSH testing. Please call FCI on Day 1 of your cycle. If Day 1 falls on a weekend please call FCI on Monday (FCI offices are open Monday through Friday). We can then determine which is the best day for you to come in for testing.  
  5. What does the man have to do?   A semen analysis is a scheduled appointment made by calling (877) 324-4483 and can be done in any FCI office location. In order to get accurate results, men must abstain from sexual activity for no less than 3 and no more than 5 days before producing the specimen.    
  6. What do these results mean? The fertility specialists at FCI will read and interpret the test results, which to date, are the most predictive in determining fertility potential. These results do not give a definitive answer, but give an estimate of your fertility potential. You should also be aware that these tests are not necessarily an insurance policy guaranteeing future fertility, but will help answer questions about when to start planning your family.

Contact FCI at (877) 324-4483 for more information or to schedule an appointment today! Use my name so that I review the results...