How to Choose the Right Fertility Doctor and Clinic

Financing IVF-1You must be well-informed about the cutting-edge treatments that are available to you when narrowing down your search for a reputable, competent, successful fertility doctor and clinic. Checking out high IVF pregnancy success rates is only the first step you need to take when choosing the right fertility doctor and clinic.

IVF Doctor Pregnancy Success Rates

All fertility clinics are required to report annual IVF cycles and pregnancies to the CDC. This data is indicative of the protocols performed and success rates in the clinic’s history. You can also go to the Society for Reproductive Technology (SART) to read up on IVF pregnancy success rates.

Important to Note: Some clinics don’t report unsuccessful or complicated IVF cycles. Others simply turn away difficult patients – those with an extremely low chance of pregnancy success. This is because the clinics want to keep their success rates high.

Bottom Line: Publicly available success rates should not be determinative in your choice of a fertility doctor and clinic.

Fertility Clinic Staff

The entire staff of the fertility clinic has the primary duty of making you feel safe, informed, confident, and hopeful. Good energy from all staff in a clinic’s environment supports the success of a fertility doctor’s treatment protocol.

Why is this important? Knowledgeable and informative staff help patients avoid foreseeable complications.

Other indispensable duties:

  • Good communication
  • Knowledge of you and your patient file
  • Flexibility in scheduling appointments
  • Counseling about insurance coverage, IVF packages, and financing options
  • Focus on facilitating the carrying out of the doctor’s orders
  • Facilitating diagnostic testing
  • Providing helpful informative details about the doctor’s laboratory
  • Knowledge and comprehension of prescribed fertility drugs – including specific administration instructions
  • Coordinating treatment and monitoring the patient’s progress

Bottom Line: Every fertility doctor is only as good as his clinic staff.

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