Egg Donor Success Rates

Egg Donor Success Rates: Helping Hopeful Parents Conceive

128008343-xs.jpgDr. Laurence A. Jacobs
has utilized a very successful egg donor program. Through this program, healthy young women can give the gift of life to recipients who are unable to conceive using their own eggs, or have chosen not to use their own eggs. Several factors affect egg donor success rates. Our Chicago area offices help both donors and recipients make changes in their lifestyles to maximize their chances of a successful pregnancy using donated eggs. Contact us to learn more about egg donation today.


Before we accept egg donors into our program, they undergo an intensive screening process. Dr. Jacobs provides recipients with information on their donors' physical and emotional health, family and health history, education, photographs and other decision making factors. This information is important for recipients to review, because it can provide confidence in the donor with whom they are matched. Once a donation is complete, donors have no legal responsibility, rights, or connection with any children born.

We use a third-party program that selects several potential donors according to a recipient's specific requirements. Other than keeping the name and personal information of donors and recipients private, all of our processes are transparent. We are happy to answer any questions our patients have, and we hope to make this experience as comfortable as possible.


The actions and lifestyles of the egg donor and recipient can greatly affect the success of this process. Our egg donors must be physically and emotionally healthy. We screen our donors through a series of genetic, physical, and psychological testing to ensure their health. it is important that they do not smoke, drink alcohol sparingly, maintain a healthy diet, and try to reduce their stress levels before deciding to donate eggs. By doing so, donors are more likely to be able to stimulate and produce healthy eggs.

The recipient of a donor egg (or, in some cases, the surrogate volunteer who will carry the child) should be healthy as well. She will need to follow the same rules as egg donors and live a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the recipient greatly improves the chances that she will carry a baby to term and avoid any diseases or problems during pregnancy.


If you would like to learn more about the success rates of using an egg donor, contact us today. Our team can help you understand your options in building your family.