Fertility Treatment Recommendation

After over 42 years of clinical practice, I have mandatory retirement from FCI  coming at the end of December 2021.

In the last paragraph of my MISSION STATEMENT, it says: 

“I get tremendous satisfaction from what I do, and my reputation is my most valuable asset.

What I do every day makes a difference in people’s lives. I take that responsibility very seriously.”

For that reason, I am happy to make recommendations / suggestions for your future care at FCI or elsewhere, if you prefer.

There are several excellent specialists at FCI that I can suggest for you.

Send me an email if you want my preferences.   

For this purpose, you can email me at LAJacobsMD@gmail.com

After Dec 31, 2021, my FCI email Laurence.Jacobs@FCIOnline.com will no longer be functional. In addition, I will no longer have access to your electronic records.

Please reach out by Dec 31st to receive a recommendation from me.