IVF Cost

IVF Costs: Budgeting for Fertility Treatment

1077462-s.jpgCouples often face emotional and financial stress when considering in vitro fertilization (IVF) or other fertility treatments. These costs can fluctuate significantly from case to case, depending on the couple’s medical conditions, the number of treatments required, and even the clinic’s location. Dr. Jacobs believes in honestly and thoroughly reviewing IVF expenses with his Chicago area patients to find a financial solution that can make their dreams of parenthood a reality.

Do not assume you cannot afford IVF. Call Dr. Jacobs today to discuss payment options.


Each couple or patient Dr. Jacobs treats receives a customized treatment plan designed to overcome their unique fertility challenges. 

If a patient is considering IVF with ICSI, the cost of one cycle of treatment can consist of the following:

  • IVF treatment
  • Pre-IVF trial embryo transfer, evaluation of the uterus (office hysteroscopy or saline sonography)
  • Complete physician and nursing management
  • IVF cycle laboratory assays
  • The ICSI procedure
  • Egg retrieval
  • Embryo transfer
  • Medications
  • Monitoring
  • Ultrasounds during ovarian stimulation
  • Anesthesia for egg retrieval
  • Blood work and lab tests
  • Freezing and storing extra eggs, sperm or embryos              
  • PGD genetic testing 

If you require an egg donor or surrogate, additional charges will also include legal fees, agency fees, and in some cases payments to the donors. Recipients must also cover medical costs for surrogates with an insurance rider. Depending on variables such as the woman’s age and the viability of the sperm, success may require additional rounds of treatment. 


Illinois law mandates some level of insurance coverage for fertility treatments, which provides a great benefit to our in-state patients. Many states have no such provisions.  Still, the coverage is usually not comprehensive. For example, some policies include coverage for fertility drugs and medications, but not assisted reproductive technology. Talk to your insurance company to discuss the details of your infertility coverage under your policy.  Dr. Jacobs’ team is highly trained and experienced in helping his patients navigate their insurance policies.  Please call our office to speak to our FCI Insurance Specialists.


Do not abandon your dreams of having a baby if you do not have infertility benefits or live in a state that does not mandate full insurance coverage for fertility treatments. Every effort is made to assist our patients in dealing with their financial circumstances. Dr. Jacobs' offices offers several payment options, including a self-pay discount, take out loan through CapexMD.com, HCSloans.com, LendingClub.com or Attain Fertility™ IVF Program (formerly the Integramed Shared Risk® Refund Program).

We offer patients without insurance a five percent “prompt pay” discount off all treatment and procedures except for laboratory tests and a discounted package rate for IVF.
In addition to the discounts we offer for treatment, we also offer a number of medication discount programs for both self-pay and insured patients.  To see if you qualify for any of these medication discount programs, please go to the Medication Discount Programs  page of the FCI website to review all programs.  There you will find access to the rebate forms, application forms and information sites for each discount program. 
If you would like to learn more about financing infertility treatment or the discounts and package rates available, please fill out our contact form.
For more information, call Customer Care for:


In addition, we will arrange a meeting or call with the Financial Coordinator for my patients.  They will give you all the information about costs/fees, your insurance coverage and medication benefits. Approximately 50% of my couples have no infertility insurance coverage. You will also be given self-pay options, including information about companies, such as CapexMD (www.CapexMD.com ), and Lending Club (lendingclub.com/fertility) that specialize in fertility loans, as well as various ‘shared-risk’ option plans from Attain (www.AttainFertility.com ). For detailed information, visit our FCI website financial section: https://fcionline.com/financial-guidance/financing-options