Genomic Hybridization

Genomic Hybridization Provides Insight into Your Embryos' Health

Preimplantation genetic screening / diagnosis (PGS / PGD) consists of the biopsy and genetic diagnosis of a single cell per embryo, followed by the replacement to the patient or freezing of only those embryos classified by genetic diagnosis as normal. Since the early 1990s, the standard preimplantation genetics testing methods, using PGS / PGD techniques, have only allowed for the evaluation of 9 to 12 chromosomes out of a total of 23 chromosome pairs in the human embryo cell. However, Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) solves this problem by evaluating all 23 chromosome pairs, allowing completely screened normal embryos to be identified and transferred or frozen. The field of preimplantation genetics has been recently revitalized with the appearance of this new CGH technology.

The future of preimplantation genetic testing is now available at both our Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI) Chicago-area IVF clinics: FCI Highland Park IVF and FCI River North IVF! Due to our long-standing relationship with ReproGenetics ( ) and our excellent day five blastocyst culture methods, and embryo freezing (vitrification) techniques, FCI is one of only a handful of IVF programs world-wide able to offer this major breakthrough.

For more information, read Dr. Jacob's article about Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) (PDF).


CGH can help ease your mind about the health of your family as you prepare for parenthood. To learn more about CGH, contact our offices today.