Our Facilities


At FCI, we have 2 IVF Centers and Embryology labs that we use: River North IVF & Highland Park-HP (AParent) IVF. Keep in mind, you can use any of our 10 offices for your ‘monitoring’ (labs & Ultrasounds-US) during your IVF stimulation. Your medical chart is electronic, so whichever office you choose for your monitoring, I am the doctor managing all your IVF stimulation, and you are interacting with my nursing staff.

In previous years, I used to send my IVF patients to both FCI IVF centers for their egg retrievals and embryo transfers. However, for the past 13 years, I have used only Highland Park IVF for my IVF procedures (see below for the explanation).


River North IVF or Highland Park (AParent) IVF

River North IVF in Chicago is where 8 of my Partners rotate in a daily schedule so that every day it's a different doctor doing all the egg retrievals and embryo transfers that are scheduled there for that day.

I used to send most of my IVF patients there when I was part of this ‘Physician rotation'. However, when I was part of this 'rotation', it meant that 90% of the time my patients would not get me for their procedures, but would instead have one of my partners since each doctor, including me, was scheduled to be there only 3-4 times per month. I did not care for that type of arrangement since many patients felt it was too ‘impersonal’ for them to most often have their IVF procedures done by a physician they have never met. Also, because most women choose to come to me because they want me to be the one to take care of them. So many years ago, I pulled out of this rotation at River North IVF and instead now use only Highland Park IVF, so I can do my patient's procedures myself 98% of the time. This way the HP Embryology lab gives me 10-12 days/mo to do my IVF procedures, not just 3 times/mo.   So I generally don't send many of my patients to River North IVF, because most of my patients actually prefer Highland Park IVF in order to have me be the one to do their egg retrievals & embryo transfers , not one of my partners.

However, the River North IVF clinic is available 30 days/ mo. so on occasion for some women that may work out better for their work or personal schedule. Therefore, if a patient of mine prefers to have her IVF done at RN IVF, I will still be making all clinical decisions regarding stimulation medication doses day-to-day and timing for the retrieval. However, one of my partners will do your IVF procedure.


Highland Park (AParent) IVF is where I have done my IVF for the past 13 yrs. Each month the Embryology lab gives me 10-12 days (usually the 1st half of the month) to schedule my patient's egg retrievals and embryo transfers.

The vast majority of my patients prefer this arrangement so that I can usually be the one to do their IVF procedures (98% of the time).