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Fertility Patient Resources for Support During Treatment

Laurence Jacobs, M.D., encourages patients to be well-informed about their fertility and the treatment options available to them. He also recommends that patients struggling with infertility, obesity, or recurrent pregnancy loss seek support to help them cope with the stress and anxiety that can accompany these struggles. There are several organizations, in addition to our Illinois infertility center, that can provide information and encouragement for patients with all types of reproductive problems.

Dr. Jacobs speaks to Weight Watchers 

  • Fertility Centers of Illinois
  • Pulling Down the Moon
  • IntegraMed®
  • The American Fertility Association (AFA)
  • International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID)


Laurence Jacobs, M.D., is a senior partner of Fertility Centers of Illinois, a large organization of 11 reproductive endocrinologists practicing throughout the greater Chicago area. Although Dr. Jacobs does consults at the Crystal Lake and Buffalo Grove clinics, his patients have access to all ten infertility center locations for testing and treatment procedures.

Fertility Centers of Illinois Online ( offers in-depth information about assisted reproductive technologies, complementary treatments, financing issues, and counseling services.


Pulling Down the Moon ( is an organization that provides complementary/alternative treatments such as fertility yoga and acupuncture for the Fertility Centers of Illinois. These treatments are specifically designed for couples trying to conceive, whether naturally or through infertility treatment. They emphasize the importance of relaxation, stress management, and overall well being on the outcome of fertility. PDtM provides services in Dr. Jacobs' Crystal Lake office and close to his Buffalo Grove office.


IntegraMed® is a national infertility center network. As part of this network, Fertility Centers of Illinois is able to provide many benefits to our patients, including the Attain™ IVF Program (formerly the Shared Risk® Refund Program) for in vitro fertilization patients. The IntegraMed® website ( explains this program in detail and provides additional information on such topics as preimplantation genetic diagnosis, egg donation, and fertility medications.


The American Fertility Association ( is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information, resources, and advocacy for subjects relating to reproductive health and family building options. They have an extensive library of educational articles about infertility, treatment options, adoption, third-party reproduction, sexual health, and other related topics. They also offer a free support network and other services for patients in all stages of pursuing parenthood. Laurence Jacobs M.D. has been on the AFA medical advisory board for many years.


RESOLVE ( is also a highly-respected national organization that focuses specifically on matters relating to infertility, including treatment options, male factor infertility, financing, adoption, and how to communicate about fertility issues with family and friends. The RESOLVE website is an excellent source of information and support that many patients at our infertility center have found extremely helpful. There is also an Illinois chapter of RESOLVE that hosts local events and support groups.


Another exceptional resource for information about family-building options is the International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID - This organization provides up-to-date information about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infertility, as well as immediate support for anyone struggling with fertility problems or recurrent miscarriage. INCIID is also an excellent source of information and guidance for couples who are considering adoption or childfree living.


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